Reimagining PetCube

Design strategy


Wayne Wang (ID MBA)     Coco Shi (ID MBA)

Isaiah Kramer (MBA Marekting)      Hayden Webb (MBA Marketing)

Founded in 2012, PetCube’s pet monitoring innovations have gained traction due to the popularization and demand of the Connected Home.  Focused on connecting pets and their owners in time spent apart from one another, PetCube has pioneered remote pet interaction and monitoring through their small, stylish pet monitoring devices. PetCube has taken its products global after securing the pet monitoring market’s largest seed funding investment ($14 million).


● Software/hardware engineering and marketing core competencies

● Capacity to expand

● Reliable, scalable supply-chain


● Identity sorely as a “pet” brand

● Financial position to support new sales channels


● Recognize as“pet” brand have Loyal user base, resembles new target market

● Financial partners

● Distribution partners



● Established IoT players looking to expand

● Limited access to capital


pet cube product

The current model of the PetCube Play has all of the functionality of a traditional home security device but offers an innovative approach: user engagement.

PetCube leverages AI to figure out what pets are doing, detect if there’s human movement in the frame, register if the dog begins barking or the cat meowing, and identify any abnormal behaviors. The software and hardware packaged together are incredibly powerful.  Streaming 1080p HD video with 138-degree wide-angle views, differentiates PetCube as a top-shelf pet monitoring device. PetCube monitors with night vision to aid in low light and no light conditions. Sound and motion detection activates the camera and automatically begins recording.





Data from the FBI crime report indicate that each American household has a 1-in-36 chance of burglary each year. In 2012, property break-ins caused damages upwards of $4.7 billion.



Home security is a logical placement for advanced motion & audio sensing, IoT capabilities, AI-recognition, and industry-leading monitoring platform.


Additionally, PetCube’s principal financiers, Y Combinator, Almaz Capital and Aventures have all opened new funds for developing AI security technologies. The company’s distribution channels include eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail outlets in major cities around the world. These partnerships could pave the way for PetCube to enter the $45.58 billion home security system market, which boasts a projected 10.4% compound annual growth rate through 2023.



Given PetCube buyers want to have peace of mind, regarding their pet while they are away from home, they would likely want to know that their home, belongings, pets, and persons at home are safe and secure while they are away. Burglary remains a serious anxiety point in the United States.




The new product line for Petcube


HomeLock presents an opportunity to increase existing customer value while attracting new customers by offering peace of mind to any customer that wants to know that their people, pets and possessions at home are safe.

PetCube customers are young working professionals who spend substantial time away from home, the target market for IoT home security systems.




Power cell




Burglars tend to ring the doorbell or knock the door to see if someone is home before breaking-in.

keep the "pet" element in the product and provide a unique feature

The Home guarding dog effect


Suspicious acts will trigger Homelock defense mechanism,

it will generate a dog barking sound.

The angry dog barking sound will make any trespasser hesitate.

It can slow down the burglary give the house owner time to react.






Try the sound


An aggressive act will lead to more aggressive barking sound

Night vision

Hemlock will use the barking sound scary away nighttime theft as well as capture their identity. The homeowner can send the footage to the local police department to build a safer neighborhood.


The option to be conceal

Expose Mode

Screw in or use 3m ticker to attach to the door


Conceal Mode

Remodel the door or use an existing peephole


Neighborhood watch

Hemlock will share the report together with the neighbor to co-create a neighborhood watch.

Marketing strategy


model features a speaker that simulates a large barking dog, which can be programmed to sound based on certain types of events. By connecting multiple devices, the system can also simulate running around the house and scratching as a burglar deterrent. If a burglar is identified within the home, a laser can be programmed to track them as a deterrent.


Stage 1 (innovators and early adopters)

launching products via Kickstarter


Stage 2 (early majority) 

YouTube video campaign


Stage 3 (late majority)

Word-of-mouth and holiday gift giving.


Stage 4 (laggards)

Negotiate revenue-sharing agreements with retailers, homeowner set up for the renter.


Diffusion strategy

Brand image and community building

Risk perception surrounding burglary will likely play a major role in adoption rates.

Worldwide promotion

Crowdfunding beta launch

Trade shows



329 USD for a set of two


159 USD version without speakers (for the user owns a smart speaker)


189 USD version with speakers


product development plan


  1. Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

  2. Streams 1080p HD video with 138-degree wide-angle views

  3. 2-way audio to communicate with your pet.

  4. Night vision to view in low light and no light conditions.

  5. 3x digital zoom to see pets up close.

  6. Video cloud recording service

  7. Sound and motion alerts notify you of a major event at home.

  8. iOS and Android compatible.

  9. Autoplay mode to interact with your pet when you are too busy.

  10. Set up anywhere in your home.

  11. Rubber, non-slip, bottom and standard tripod mount options.

  12. Sound and motion detection

  13. Filters out background noise.

  14. Do not disturb mode options.

  15. Google home / equivalent assailant built-in

  16. Cloud video recording service

  17. Enjoy memorable moments from 1, 3, and 10-day backup options.

  18. Automatically triggered by sound, motion, auto play mode, ads interactions with your pet

  19. 24/7 coverage with subscription

  20. Additional care subscription plans for multiple cameras.


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