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Educational project at ArtCenter
Design a Google branded task lamp for the future of work.
14 weeks


Their test score.

Primary Insight

According to American College Testing

2017 the Colledge and Carrer Readiness

High school are considered not ready for college academics.

• Google suite has been widely adopted by college and university students.

• Google's subsidiaries Youtube has a massive amount of online education resources.

• It is too expensive for a regular college student to consistently hire a tutor.

Secondary Insights


A physical presence of the Google-suite For Education apps to make the remote studying experience more effective and efficient. 

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To meet the future’s biggest challenges, the Google Study is a physical presence of the G-suite For Education. It bridges all google education services and makes them work together. It brings a powerful study tool to students where-ever they are located.

The lamp is a perfect container of all the study-related services. Almost every student has a desk lamp, which is the least intrusive electronic device on a surface.

An $85 dollar/hr tutor is expensive for a common university freshman


With a $79 investment, the user will get

Smart lighting

The lighting component has an integrated sensor, and it will automatically change the temperature of light depending on the materials the user is consuming and the other light sources in the environment.

Organize Notes

Google study can scan the notes and organize them into an appropriate note-taking system (Cornell, Flow, etc) and store them in Google Keep app.

Quicker search process

Google Study can recognize words and images to start research on one topic.

Based on the frequent asked questions history, it will generate a demo test for the user.

Get accurate feedback

The user can use the lamp to take a photo or video of their work. Through Google Class in the G -Suite, the user can get feedback from both his classmates and instructor.

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The Google study desk lamp is an ideal

add-on to college libraries, study rooms, and other education related locations.

Public Setting 

About the design language

  • Non-intrusive, looks like a piece of furniture. 

  • Should follow Google branded style guide.

  • The overall form should be as simple as possible to avoid adding difficulty after-sale service, considering the scale of Google.

The final prototype consists of a LED light, wifi camera, and a wifi speaker that could perform as a Google Assistant. The light is a perfect duo with the camera to provide sharp images.


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