What is the reason to do an investigation on one of the most exclusive brand's club?

Our team has had a field trip to Calty design, the people working there was worried within ten years nobody is buying Lexus anymore, they are going to rent them.

And they recommend we check out the app called Fair. And I only spent a minute on the app to know I am not buying a car anymore.

If fewer people buy cars, what is going to happen to the car culture, we want to study and be prepared for the future.

The Design makes tool tau choose to be the starting point of our interview.

We asked our interviewees to use one card to represent the person before they join the club one to represent after.

We asked the interviewees to draw the experience of the club event.

We ask them to use an animal to the represent car club. 

Analysis of the raw data.

The Theme we summarized.

Why people join the club?

Insights and Opportunities for improving

the Ferrari club experience

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