2019 by Wayne designworks.

A new layout of game controller 


1:1 Prototype

Phone game is the future of portable gaming 

​In 2020,smartphone game industry will represent more than half of the total game market. More than pc and console combined.

Key problem

Frequent phone gamer wants to use a controller which can provide them with analog feedback to enhance their gaming experience. 

Smartphone controller that available on the market today is a replica of game consoles. But phone games have a totally different control design compare to console games, which make the experience of using phone controller undesirable.

Let's look at the most popular game genre.

The UI is specialized for the smartphone, it is very common to perform a press and swipe interaction. Which is not possible for the analog button.

Today's smartphone controller is trying to recreate the console game experience. But the games are different.

Insight form user journey leads to design guideline 

1. Comfortable handling.

2. Button has press down travel and able to gives physical feedback

2.  Able to create UX that similar to smartphones.


4.  Low profile and portable.

1:1 Prototype

1:1 Prototype