We are facing an unyielding budget limitation in this project. This leads to compromise the design for using the existing parts.

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Our thoughts:


1. AR headsets are too expensive (Normally $2-3K)

2. Very few AR contents are out there.


Cut computing component and put a high-resolution display inside 


(reduce cost to around $200 and make it lighter than Xs Max)

Take advantage of computing components on entertainment systems people already own including, smartphones, tablets, consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch), PC & Mac, drones, etc.


(which makes existing content available to users.)

Dream Glass Air is a mixed reality headset aimed to bringing the benefit of MR to everyone. It has powerful hardware and a versatile package.

DreamGlass Air helps! it can ‘project’ multimedia from your smartphone into multiple 100’’ virtual screens.  With a 2.5k  QHD resolution and an unparalleled 90°FOV, every single detail comes to life for the most immersive viewing experience you’ve ever seen.

Dreamglass air can is designed to be a tool to help the developer to find new possibility in providing services. 

When facing competition with some of the biggest tech companies.

During the design process, we are facing unyielding limitations such as budget and product positioning.

Our team spends a large portion of time figuring out the user scenario. And use it as a guideline to determine which hardware is needed to create value to our user.

Dreamglass air

HoloLens 2

Magic leap

Google Glass

It’s comfortable to wear and completely hands-free.

Compatible to tablet, discover a new playground of design.

The virtual assistant comes in handy.

Discover the new way of controlling the drone.

Increase in working efficiency.

Portable, come with a case.

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