2019 by Wayne designworks.

About Wayne

Wayne is an industrial designer currently based in Pasadena, CA. 

He thinks the in the modern design industry industrial design, digital, tech and space design are converging together. He prefers to design hardware for effective service and push the user experience into the next level. 

It is Wayne's design research experience that makes him truly understand human-centered design. He has taken about 8 courses in his design education to study human-centric design research. And he applies and advanced his design research skills during his internship at leading human-centered design firm Frog. 

He is a sports enthusiast who follows soccer, basketball, football games. He is also a frequent but picky video gamer, who appreciate games like Witcher 3, Red dead redemption 2. His dream pet is a white french bulldog.

Wayne as a student speaker at ArtCenter

His journey so far

This a picture of him and his classmate.